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Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo March 12

RENO – Ready to pull the trigger on that new green business idea? Contrary to what the biz pages may indicate, tough times can be good times for starting new ventures. And one of the “must attend” events for budding business owners will take place at the Atlantis on Friday, March 12, 2010 – the Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo is free and open to the public. Dozens of vendors will be waiting for you, ready to dole out advice and optimism. Whether or not your business idea is based in environmental or green, many of the necessary hurdles will be waiting to help you climb over and get up and running. Hey, it’s free!!! For more info, go to www.ncetexpo.com or www.eweeknevada.com.


UNR biz dean gets blunt about Nevada’s future

UNR's Greg Mosier

UNR College of Business dean Greg Mosier didn’t pull any punches on the Feb. 10, 2010 edition of  Nevada Newsmakers, saying that until the state gets smarter about making kids smarter, don’t expect a massive influx of business from California or anywhere else. Some of the points highlighted during the show segment included statements concerning low college graduation rates (statewide), tax issues, and problems with incentives for businesses to migrate to the Reno area. For anyone thinking about starting a business in Nevada – specifically the hot green/environmental market – what are the incentives to start a business here, as opposed to another state? Check out the show, linked above, and make your comments here. Is Mosier correct?