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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Reno and Tahoe

Photo Courtesy of Mountain Bounty Farms

I have been on a public relations roll for Community Supported Agriculture lately, so here is my promised blog post about local CSA options in Northern Nevada and in North Lake Tahoe.  Basically, a CSA is  a system where members pay in advance to receive a weekly share of fresh and in season vegetables.  Most options are a selection of what is grown that week, so it is always exciting to find out what types of veggies you will receive.  Then, there is the joy of learning what the vegetables are, Swiss Chard and beets anyone?  I enjoyed searching for new recipes and asking friends about what they were going to do with their vegetables.  Many farms provide a newsletter, describing the vegetables you received and offering favorite recipes.

I personally was a participant with Mountain Bounty Farm last summer – you can read about my experience here.  This summer, I have already paid my membership for the vegetable and fruit share at Natural Trading Company.  I will write more as my experience with them ensues.

Since I spend quite a bit of time in Reno, I have had many people ask me about the CSA options in Reno.  Although, my first research led me to believe option were limited, I have since discovered that Reno has several options available.  The NV Grown website list several on their subscription farms page.  I will go ahead and post what they have listed:


Chickie Baby Blooms CSA (775) 423-9585

Custom Gardens Organic Farm CSA (775) 577-2069

Girlfarm/Grow For Me Sustainable Farm (775)677-0636
Personal Farmer Program

Great Basin Basket CSA (775) 351-2551

Nanadew Herb Farm (775) 867-3067

Rise & Shine Farms  (775) 867-5873

4 Season Farm (775) 747-2222

Meadow Valley CSA Farm (702) 864-2291

There is also a great new foodie magazine in Reno/Tahoe called Edible Reno-Tahoe.  In their Spring 2010, they wrote a feature about farm to table community supported agriculture programs in the area.  You can read the story here.   They provide information about CSA

Great Basin Basket CSA
Includes NanaDew Farms, Lattin Farms, Homegrown Nevada, Churchill Butte Organics, Heavenly Organics, Mayberry Farms, and Sierra Valley Farms
Fallon, Nev.

Custom Gardens Organic Farm & CSA
Silver Springs, Nev.
Subscription Farms on www.NevadaGrown.com

Churchill Butte Organics
Dayton, Nev.

4 Season Farms CSA

Organic Pastures
Milk, cream, butter, and almonds
Dr. Kelly Reuss

Grow For Me Sustainable Farm
Reno, Nev.

Garden Goddess CSA
Mewaldt Organics
Fallon, Nev.
Korena Mewaldt

NanaDew Herb Farm CSA
Fallon, Nev.
775-867-3087, 775-427-6039 (cell)

Rise & Shine Farms
Eggs, chickens, and produce
Fallon, Nev.

Stone House Ranch
Chilcoot, Calif.

Dawn Gardens
Crescent Mills, Calif.

Trails End Farm
Janesville, Calif.

They also recommend supporting farmers by attending local farmer’s markets…

Nevada Certified Farmers’ Market Association:Nevadagrown.com/farmers_markets.aspx
CBE Inc. Markets for Northern Nevada: Crystlbrdg.clearwire.net
Placer County: Visit placer.com/county-farmers-markets.aspx
Nevada County: Nevadacofb.org/markets.html
El Dorado County: Co.el-dorado.ca.us/ag/certified_market.html

It would be great to hear of others experiences with local CSAs, as well as any fun recipe ideas for some of those more unique local vegetables.  Joining a farm is a great way to help the environment’s health, as well as your own!  How green is that?


Air Force bases booming with green biz

SACRAMENTO – As military bases close because of realignment, many are becoming nothing more than wastelands and Superfund sites. But not in northern California. McClellan. Mather. George. Castle. March. All names with a military past and all on the EPA’s radar to clean what was left behind after years of government service. But the good news is green news, as in the former Air Force bases becoming magnets for green business. Especially true with McClellan, where everything from solar panels to net-energy housing to newspaper recycling has become part of a once-busy landscape filled with aircraft and the machines of the military. This is certainly great news for Northern Nevada too, as the economy begins ramp up and investment money thaws. See the article at http://www.af.mil/news/story_print.asp?id=123192413

Hey! Who Turned Out the Lights?

Did you notice that things seemed a little dimmer than usual last night?  That is because March 27 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. marked the 4th annual Earth Hour.  About one billion people worldwide participated in the event, including entire cities such as Las Vegas and Reno where the usually brightly lit casino strips went dark.  The lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York City were also turned out for the occassion.

So what does this mean?  The event created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was created to enable individual, schools, business and government to show their support for the Earth and the future of our planet.  Although the event only last for an hour, it symbolizes the dedicated supporters of environmental awareness and conservation.  Families participated with their children by lighting up candles and turning off the TV for the hour.

The event’s website My Earth Hour comes equipped with ways you can participate via social media, an ample supply of You Tube videos and list of facts and tips about living green.

Here is an article with photos about Reno’s participation in the event.

Did you participate in Earth Hour?  What did you do?  Please tell your story and post your pictures or videos.

Video: Erin Kotecki Vest on blogging

Last week was Journalism Week at the University of Nevada, Reno. Instead of the editors and reporters from newspapers around the country that the Reynolds School of Journalism usually asks to speak at the event, this year the schedule took a twist.

Dr. Stuart Brown spoke to us about the importance of play in everything we do, including disseminating the news. Luis Vasquez-Ajmac discussed public relations and marketing, as well as building brands via focusing in our your audience and using online tactics. Caesar Andrews gave an interactive forum about ethics – do ethics change on and off the web? Jeff Howe presented the concept of crowdsourcing, a term he coined to describe the user-generated generation.

The event wrapped up with Erin Kotecki Vest, a self-described traditional journalist turned blogger. She writes for BlogHer.com, as well as QueenofSpainBlog.com. She told the UNR students to have no fear and to start blogging and putting ourselves out there. “Don’t wait for an internship,” she said. “Create your own.” Blogging is a great way to promote your business and keep in touch with friends and family spread across the world. Vest called it her “virtual cup of sugar”.

So, maybe you’ve learned how to create a blog via WordPress or another blog program, but then what? We asked Erin Kotecki Vest the same question.

What do you do to create traffic to your blog? How did you find out about nvgreenbiz?

Video:Reinventing business the green way

RENO – If you haven’t seen this, then take a couple of minutes to watch this January 2010 newscast concerning environmental business. Or more precisely, how one man has found a niche in saving businesses money – the green way.

Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo March 12

RENO – Ready to pull the trigger on that new green business idea? Contrary to what the biz pages may indicate, tough times can be good times for starting new ventures. And one of the “must attend” events for budding business owners will take place at the Atlantis on Friday, March 12, 2010 – the Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo is free and open to the public. Dozens of vendors will be waiting for you, ready to dole out advice and optimism. Whether or not your business idea is based in environmental or green, many of the necessary hurdles will be waiting to help you climb over and get up and running. Hey, it’s free!!! For more info, go to www.ncetexpo.com or www.eweeknevada.com.

UNR’s Bonnefant says foreclosure cycle key to recovery

On one of many weekend morning talk radio programs, UNR’s Brian Bonnefant (who is with the Business Services Group) kind of told it like it is with regards to Northern Nevada’s economic turnaround: clear out the glut of foreclosed and existing homes. That, said Bonnefant, will allow the construction industry to fire up their hammers and get to work. He said that basically the area is getting hammered – or not, pun intended – because the average home price dropped from $350k to $179k today. Along with all the unemployment, that left a lot of upside-down folks walking away from their mortgages – that led to a 40 percent loss in construction jobs and people getting denied loans.

Many homes on the market are new homes – environmentally updated and ready to go – but few takers. Many published articles seem to suggest that the more environmentally “green” a home is, the better the chance it may have with buyers. Any opinions on that?

As for Californians coming across the border and screwing everything up? Don’t worry, Bonnefant said, they’ll come when the prices go back up – not now. And that’s good, because someone needs to buy the glut of homes on the Nevada side of the down market. “We need to get through the foreclosure cycle first,” said Bonnefant.

As for jobs? He stated on the AM talker that 44 percent of businesses surveyed in the Reno are will likely be hiring within the next 12 months. How’s that for optimism?