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Air Force bases booming with green biz

SACRAMENTO – As military bases close because of realignment, many are becoming nothing more than wastelands and Superfund sites. But not in northern California. McClellan. Mather. George. Castle. March. All names with a military past and all on the EPA’s radar to clean what was left behind after years of government service. But the good news is green news, as in the former Air Force bases becoming magnets for green business. Especially true with McClellan, where everything from solar panels to net-energy housing to newspaper recycling has become part of a once-busy landscape filled with aircraft and the machines of the military. This is certainly great news for Northern Nevada too, as the economy begins ramp up and investment money thaws. See the article at http://www.af.mil/news/story_print.asp?id=123192413


Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo March 12

RENO – Ready to pull the trigger on that new green business idea? Contrary to what the biz pages may indicate, tough times can be good times for starting new ventures. And one of the “must attend” events for budding business owners will take place at the Atlantis on Friday, March 12, 2010 – the Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo is free and open to the public. Dozens of vendors will be waiting for you, ready to dole out advice and optimism. Whether or not your business idea is based in environmental or green, many of the necessary hurdles will be waiting to help you climb over and get up and running. Hey, it’s free!!! For more info, go to www.ncetexpo.com or www.eweeknevada.com.

Sustainable Green

We all understand the importance and necessity of environmental awareness and sustainability. A business model that is not attuned to this, is a business model with a limited future. As an environmental business student at UNR,  you must be conscious of the fact that businesses, like issues, fade like fads. Assuming that “just being green” is a key to success, is assuming that “being green” is an everlasting trend.

This is not the case according to Anthony Downs’ article “Up and down with ecology- ‘the issue-attention cycle'”. He discusses the phases of a topic of interest in the media and in the public’s mind.  Is green business just a phase in the issue-attention cycle, or is it a trend that will always stay in style?

In Thomas Friedman’s “Hot, Flat, and Crowded,” the concept that being environmentally aware is akin to being “liberal” or “girly-man” no longer applies.  An environmental approach to business has moved to the apolitical sphere, separating the issues by way of fact, not position. The reality, according to Friedman, is that we either do business with the environment in mind – or we won’t be doing business at all.  In a New York Times article, Friedman poses the question: What should the 18th chapter of “Hot, Flat and Crowded”  be about? We think chapter 18 should discuss creating green business that is not only the trend, but sustainable for the future.  What do you think?

The marketing tactic of “greenwashing” everything has diluted the true message behind the realities of being environmentally responsible. It is no longer imperative that you brand your business as being green; you must brand your business as being responsible, sustainable, and economically efficient.

What are some  sustainable business ideas that you see in Nevada’s future?