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Air Force bases booming with green biz

SACRAMENTO – As military bases close because of realignment, many are becoming nothing more than wastelands and Superfund sites. But not in northern California. McClellan. Mather. George. Castle. March. All names with a military past and all on the EPA’s radar to clean what was left behind after years of government service. But the good news is green news, as in the former Air Force bases becoming magnets for green business. Especially true with McClellan, where everything from solar panels to net-energy housing to newspaper recycling has become part of a once-busy landscape filled with aircraft and the machines of the military. This is certainly great news for Northern Nevada too, as the economy begins ramp up and investment money thaws. See the article at http://www.af.mil/news/story_print.asp?id=123192413


Video:Reinventing business the green way

RENO – If you haven’t seen this, then take a couple of minutes to watch this January 2010 newscast concerning environmental business. Or more precisely, how one man has found a niche in saving businesses money – the green way.

Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo March 12

RENO – Ready to pull the trigger on that new green business idea? Contrary to what the biz pages may indicate, tough times can be good times for starting new ventures. And one of the “must attend” events for budding business owners will take place at the Atlantis on Friday, March 12, 2010 – the Entrepreneur and Small Business Expo is free and open to the public. Dozens of vendors will be waiting for you, ready to dole out advice and optimism. Whether or not your business idea is based in environmental or green, many of the necessary hurdles will be waiting to help you climb over and get up and running. Hey, it’s free!!! For more info, go to www.ncetexpo.com or www.eweeknevada.com.

UNR’s Bonnefant says foreclosure cycle key to recovery

On one of many weekend morning talk radio programs, UNR’s Brian Bonnefant (who is with the Business Services Group) kind of told it like it is with regards to Northern Nevada’s economic turnaround: clear out the glut of foreclosed and existing homes. That, said Bonnefant, will allow the construction industry to fire up their hammers and get to work. He said that basically the area is getting hammered – or not, pun intended – because the average home price dropped from $350k to $179k today. Along with all the unemployment, that left a lot of upside-down folks walking away from their mortgages – that led to a 40 percent loss in construction jobs and people getting denied loans.

Many homes on the market are new homes – environmentally updated and ready to go – but few takers. Many published articles seem to suggest that the more environmentally “green” a home is, the better the chance it may have with buyers. Any opinions on that?

As for Californians coming across the border and screwing everything up? Don’t worry, Bonnefant said, they’ll come when the prices go back up – not now. And that’s good, because someone needs to buy the glut of homes on the Nevada side of the down market. “We need to get through the foreclosure cycle first,” said Bonnefant.

As for jobs? He stated on the AM talker that 44 percent of businesses surveyed in the Reno are will likely be hiring within the next 12 months. How’s that for optimism?

New Generations Rotary comes to Reno

RENO – This isn’t your dad’s Rotary Club. And that’s a good thing for young professionals wanting to learn more about business and making the community a better place. Reno’s New Generations Rotary is the second Rotary club of its kind in the U.S., freshly chartered last November. As part of Rotary, here’s how they describe their new launch on their Website: New Generations Rotary is a theme for new Rotary clubs that break the mold of a typical morning breakfast or noon-time meeting. The Reno New Generations Rotary Club is focused on making Rotary accessible to a younger (new) generation for whom it may be more desirable to meet in the early evenings.

The Reno group is meeting at 5:30 p.m. every Monday in the wine bar at Sienna. The group is also holding a Help Haiti! fundraiser from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Feb. 28 at Great Basin Brewing Company, 846 Victorian Ave. in Sparks. There’s a $5 suggested donation, which includes a raffle ticket, and Great Basin is donating $1 from every pint participants drink. For more info, visit the New Generations Website. Also, see an article on Philip Brown and the fundraiser in the News & Review here.

Reno’s fall from Inc.’s list – that’s so 2005

Just a few years ago, Reno grabbed some coveted attention by ranking as one of the nation’s best bets for building a business. In fact, the rave by Inc. Magazine (and others) was all about Reno’s low cost of living, awesome outdoor lifestyle, and Nevada’s low-tax environment. The cherry on top, back in 2005, was a booming gaming economy and population that continued to drive feet and dollars through business doorways – brick-and-mortar and virtual. The party, it seemed, would never end.

But then came the bust. Goodbye gamblers. Goodbye start-ups. Reno’s ranking as a fave place to do biz is now somewhere between a Virginia City mineshaft and grandma’s cellar. But not so fast. Nevada is one of the world’s premier alternative energy hotspots, with innovation and incentives that bring the world’s top inventors and investors up, down and across the state. While gaming and tourism may be getting kicked in the butt, Nevada is still the place to be for the emerging alternative energy business. NV Energy will likely build the 235-mile electric grid from south to north, allowing feeds from future wind and solar generation. Geothermal is apparently heating up (yes, an easy pun – sorry!) and federal and state tax incentives will likely remain magnets for businesses and homeowners to get on the alternative energy bandwagon. Nevada is a great place to start/bring an alternative energy business.

UNR biz dean gets blunt about Nevada’s future

UNR's Greg Mosier

UNR College of Business dean Greg Mosier didn’t pull any punches on the Feb. 10, 2010 edition of  Nevada Newsmakers, saying that until the state gets smarter about making kids smarter, don’t expect a massive influx of business from California or anywhere else. Some of the points highlighted during the show segment included statements concerning low college graduation rates (statewide), tax issues, and problems with incentives for businesses to migrate to the Reno area. For anyone thinking about starting a business in Nevada – specifically the hot green/environmental market – what are the incentives to start a business here, as opposed to another state? Check out the show, linked above, and make your comments here. Is Mosier correct?