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Tahoe City Terrain Park – An Environmental Plan

I made this movie as a part of a presentation for my GEOG666 Environmental Planning class.  As you’ll see, the concept is to build a natural terrain park with the snow from snow removal off the streets and parking lots of downtown Tahoe City.  The sites shown are actually snow storage locations.  This plan could actually happen with a little collaboration and community involvement, except as a few friends have already reminded me – there would probably be issues with insurance and liability, but this is for an environmental planning class, not a business development, so I’m still putting it out there!



Air Force bases booming with green biz

SACRAMENTO – As military bases close because of realignment, many are becoming nothing more than wastelands and Superfund sites. But not in northern California. McClellan. Mather. George. Castle. March. All names with a military past and all on the EPA’s radar to clean what was left behind after years of government service. But the good news is green news, as in the former Air Force bases becoming magnets for green business. Especially true with McClellan, where everything from solar panels to net-energy housing to newspaper recycling has become part of a once-busy landscape filled with aircraft and the machines of the military. This is certainly great news for Northern Nevada too, as the economy begins ramp up and investment money thaws. See the article at