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Meatless Mondays and Tofu Thursdays

For over seven years, I didn’t eat meat.  I ate a little bit of fish here and there, but no beef, pork or chicken.

My body didn’t really like it.  I was anemic which was very disappointing because giving blood donations is something that I find highly rewarding, and my low iron count did not allow this.  My dentist said he could tell I didn’t eat meat because of the coloring of my gums.  My doctor said that I HAD to take multi-vitamins and maintain a strict diet if I chose to be a vegetarian.

Finally, I gave in.  Although I still don’t eat chicken, I started to eat beef, turkey and pork.  I actually lost weight and started to feel more energy.  My skin got more of a glow, and I, in general, felt better.

One of the main reasons I stopped eating meat in the first place was for environmental reasons.  A lot of the so-called factory farms practices are destructive to the land, air and water systems.  I tried to find grass-fed and free range products, but living in the mountains of Tahoe doesn’t always offer a lot of variety.

My friends at Nevada Econet Blog started doing a weekly feature with a recipe for Meatless Mondays.  I decided I would participate in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint.  It’s not as drastic as going total vegetarian, but it’s good for the environment and health.  I also like that it encourages me to find meatless recipes.

Someone also mentioned Tofu Thursdays somewhere, some place.  So, I am picking that up as well.  I love Tofu Scramble and Sloppy Joe’s with tofu, as well as some Chinese dishes, so I know there are a lot of great tofu recipes out there.

This is a great way to cut back on meat and come up with new recipes.  Let me know if you are participating.  Please share any recipes, and I will be sure to add them to a post.  I will also share the recipes I come up with!

Here is an entire site dedicated to Meatless Monday.


Energy Sort Game

Recently, we had to develop a game for one of our journalism classes. The game we created teaches you about how energy is currently consumed in the USA, the price of energy types and the effects of various energy sorts on the environment. The game features the likeness of Al Gore, Donald Trump and Mother Nature.

Please play our game by clicking the link below, and leave comments about what you liked or did not like about Energy Sort.


Energy Sort Game

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Reno and Tahoe

Photo Courtesy of Mountain Bounty Farms

I have been on a public relations roll for Community Supported Agriculture lately, so here is my promised blog post about local CSA options in Northern Nevada and in North Lake Tahoe.  Basically, a CSA is  a system where members pay in advance to receive a weekly share of fresh and in season vegetables.  Most options are a selection of what is grown that week, so it is always exciting to find out what types of veggies you will receive.  Then, there is the joy of learning what the vegetables are, Swiss Chard and beets anyone?  I enjoyed searching for new recipes and asking friends about what they were going to do with their vegetables.  Many farms provide a newsletter, describing the vegetables you received and offering favorite recipes.

I personally was a participant with Mountain Bounty Farm last summer – you can read about my experience here.  This summer, I have already paid my membership for the vegetable and fruit share at Natural Trading Company.  I will write more as my experience with them ensues.

Since I spend quite a bit of time in Reno, I have had many people ask me about the CSA options in Reno.  Although, my first research led me to believe option were limited, I have since discovered that Reno has several options available.  The NV Grown website list several on their subscription farms page.  I will go ahead and post what they have listed:


Chickie Baby Blooms CSA (775) 423-9585

Custom Gardens Organic Farm CSA (775) 577-2069

Girlfarm/Grow For Me Sustainable Farm (775)677-0636
Personal Farmer Program

Great Basin Basket CSA (775) 351-2551

Nanadew Herb Farm (775) 867-3067

Rise & Shine Farms  (775) 867-5873

4 Season Farm (775) 747-2222

Meadow Valley CSA Farm (702) 864-2291

There is also a great new foodie magazine in Reno/Tahoe called Edible Reno-Tahoe.  In their Spring 2010, they wrote a feature about farm to table community supported agriculture programs in the area.  You can read the story here.   They provide information about CSA

Great Basin Basket CSA
Includes NanaDew Farms, Lattin Farms, Homegrown Nevada, Churchill Butte Organics, Heavenly Organics, Mayberry Farms, and Sierra Valley Farms
Fallon, Nev.

Custom Gardens Organic Farm & CSA
Silver Springs, Nev.
Subscription Farms on

Churchill Butte Organics
Dayton, Nev.

4 Season Farms CSA

Organic Pastures
Milk, cream, butter, and almonds
Dr. Kelly Reuss

Grow For Me Sustainable Farm
Reno, Nev.

Garden Goddess CSA
Mewaldt Organics
Fallon, Nev.
Korena Mewaldt

NanaDew Herb Farm CSA
Fallon, Nev.
775-867-3087, 775-427-6039 (cell)

Rise & Shine Farms
Eggs, chickens, and produce
Fallon, Nev.

Stone House Ranch
Chilcoot, Calif.

Dawn Gardens
Crescent Mills, Calif.

Trails End Farm
Janesville, Calif.

They also recommend supporting farmers by attending local farmer’s markets…

Nevada Certified Farmers’ Market
CBE Inc. Markets for Northern Nevada:
Placer County: Visit
Nevada County:
El Dorado County:

It would be great to hear of others experiences with local CSAs, as well as any fun recipe ideas for some of those more unique local vegetables.  Joining a farm is a great way to help the environment’s health, as well as your own!  How green is that?

Flyer Design

What do you think about this flyer?

Can you help us create a flyer that would encourage participation @ nv green biz?

Ideas?  Suggestions?