Reno’s fall from Inc.’s list – that’s so 2005

Just a few years ago, Reno grabbed some coveted attention by ranking as one of the nation’s best bets for building a business. In fact, the rave by Inc. Magazine (and others) was all about Reno’s low cost of living, awesome outdoor lifestyle, and Nevada’s low-tax environment. The cherry on top, back in 2005, was a booming gaming economy and population that continued to drive feet and dollars through business doorways – brick-and-mortar and virtual. The party, it seemed, would never end.

But then came the bust. Goodbye gamblers. Goodbye start-ups. Reno’s ranking as a fave place to do biz is now somewhere between a Virginia City mineshaft and grandma’s cellar. But not so fast. Nevada is one of the world’s premier alternative energy hotspots, with innovation and incentives that bring the world’s top inventors and investors up, down and across the state. While gaming and tourism may be getting kicked in the butt, Nevada is still the place to be for the emerging alternative energy business. NV Energy will likely build the 235-mile electric grid from south to north, allowing feeds from future wind and solar generation. Geothermal is apparently heating up (yes, an easy pun – sorry!) and federal and state tax incentives will likely remain magnets for businesses and homeowners to get on the alternative energy bandwagon. Nevada is a great place to start/bring an alternative energy business.


4 responses to “Reno’s fall from Inc.’s list – that’s so 2005

  1. Also, the governor’s strong stance against new or increased taxes should be an incentive for businesses.

    If the state is to move past its reliance on the gaming and hotel industries, this could be a great way to expand Nevada’s economic base.

  2. Working for a small business in the construction industry i have seen a huge decline in business over the last few years. i hope these energy projects take off for numerous reasons, including local job growth and alternate energy options. we need to use the vast resources we have right here!

  3. This is an exciting trend for Nevada. While economically, things may get worse before they get better, our investments in green energy will lay the foundation for a meaningful new industry. Maybe one day Nevada will be known as the green state. High hopes for such an easily forgotten desert state.

  4. It’s great that the business aspect of Reno is booming because the small business in Reno are awesome. Reno is known for it’s tourism and gambling, but maybe with new business’s even better things will come. Good ideas for some stories!

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